Half Day Preschool (3 and 4-year-olds)

3-4-year-old preschool during the school year (September-May)

This program is half-day 8:30-11:30 am. You may choose 2 day, 3 day or 5 day a week enrollment options. This Christ centered program offers daily Bible lessons, study of colors, shapes, numbers and letters of the alphabet, learning to print their name, study of Nursery Rhymes, weather, seasons, Community Helpers, etc as Units. To stimulate artistic development students engage in finger painting, blob painting, sponge painting, do-a-dot markers and using a spinner for painting. To develop fine motor skills they work with a variety of shaped paper punches, string beads on pipe cleaners and cords for necklaces, etc. Gross motor skills taught are kicking a ball, throwing and catching a ball, jumping, skipping, etc. Spacial development is fostered through use of puzzles and other educational games. Class size for 3 yr. olds is 10 students and 4 yr. olds 12 students.

Cindy has been the teacher of our half-day program since July 1998. Cindy graduated from Martin Luther College with her Bachelor’s in Education in 1981. She was assigned to teach first and second grade in Norfolk, NE. She was in Norfolk, NE from 1981-1998, when she met her husband and the rest is history. Before she arrived in New Hope, Cindy stayed home and raised their 3 children until the youngest one entered kindergarten. Then in 1998 she was called to begin the half-day program here at Holy Trinity Lutheran and continued until now. Cindy loves teaching the little ones and watching how much they grow in the two years they are with her. She enjoys spending time with her own children and husband.

To enroll please fill out these two forms: enrollment and registration.

Preschool Teacher: Cindy Klatt

Preschool Teacher: Cindy Klatt