“Sharing Jesus Christ with All Ages and Nations”

July 21, 2019

NEXT WEEK’S USHERS: Loren Stegman, Philip Stegman, Todd Kobberdahl, Andrew Bare

CHURCH CLEANING THIS WEEK:  Pete Pfeiffer, Terry & Ione Humann

JULY COUNTING COMMITTEE:  Katie Scharfbillig, Cindy Klatt, Jim Brinkman, Gary Mattice


SARA DOBBERSTEIN INSTALLATION  Next Sunday, July 28th, Sara Dobberstein will be installed into her call as toddler teacher in our child care center.  Sara will have the joy and privilege of sharing the word and love of Jesus with the little ones entrusted to her care and their parents.  May the Lord bless her service to our Savior among us!  A coffee hour to welcome Sara and her husband, Caleb, to Holy Trinity will be held following the service.

LAWN CLIPPINGS WANTED  Mr. Habermann is looking for lawn clippings to mulch the school raspberry patch. If you have some to get rid of, either talk to Mr. Habermann or drop them off by the school garden.

NEIGHBORHOOD NEW RESIDENT CANVASSING:  This summer the pastors are planning to visit the new residents of New Hope to welcome them to our community and invite them to worship with us.  Members are asked to partner with the pastors in this effort. Weather permitting, we are planning to head out on the following dates: Wednesdays and Saturdays.  On Wednesday we will canvass from 6:30 - 7:30 PM and Saturdays from 11:00 AM - Noon.  (July 24, 27, 31; August 7, 10).  Please consider joining us.  Training and materials will be provided.  To indicate your participation please sign up on the main entry bulletin board.

OLD COMPUTER NEEDED   Are you or your company looking to upgrade computers? Mr. Habermann is looking for a computer dedicated to the 3-D printer. It can be desktop or laptop. It must be able to run programs (so Chromebooks and tablets are out). If you have one that runs decent, contact Mr. Habermann face-to-face, by phone (920-645-5979), or email (mr.habermann@holytrinitynewhope.com). Thank you!

WEST LUTHERAN HIGH SCHOOL is looking to hire a “Finance & Tuition Manager” for 10 hours per week. This position requires the following, but is not limited to: assist with budget planning, report to the Board of Regents, deposit and record keeping of all funds directed to West; which includes tuition, individual gifts, and association church gifts. This person should also be familiar with QuickBooks. Please contact the school office (763-509-9378) if you are interested, have questions, and/or would like to see the entire job description.  Principal Dave Gartner 

HOUSING NEEDED  Pastor and Dea Warskow, from Spooner, WI are seeking housing for their daughter Abigail for the upcoming  2019-2010 school year at West Lutheran High School. Abigail wishes to return for her second year at West Lutheran and needs a family that would be willing to keep her while she attends school during the week. Part of the need is transport to and from West during the week. She plays volleyball, basketball and likes drama.  She has also signed up to be part of the year book production. If you would like to help out and need more information, please call the office at West Lutheran.  Stephanie Smith would be able to answer any questions you might have. You can also reach Pastor David Warskow directly at cell: 661-400-3828.

 *Be sure to check the weekly bulletins and the school calendar on the web for changes or additions to the calendar